Interview du mois : Niek Van Leeuwen & Pierre Brunet, ICM GROUP

« a very pleasant experience to have exceptional support from 24×7 service from ORSUD, so patient and really outstanding« 

Fabio Melo, Operating Manager at ICM GROUP

Can you tell us a few words about ICM Group…

ICM Group continues to strengthen its position in being recognized as the global most innovative and cost-effective human capital solution.

From onshore to ultra-deep water, we are delivering leading edge consultancy services to our global clients, and providing solutions tailored to meet any organization’s manpower, training, competence, leadership, and project challenges.

You have chosen ORSUD to manage your travel, what does this partnership bring you?

For our business that relies on travel to global offshore/onshore locations, we can provide a one stop shop for accommodation and travel thanks to ORSUD for all our employees.

It provides convenience and support for all our specific travel requirements.

Do you have an anecdote that could represent the work done by ORSUD?

I’d like to turn the floor over to our Operating Manager – Fabio Melo from Brazil:

“During a very important international mobilization of offshore workers, I had one employee that was standing in front of airline checkin and his flight reservation was not being found by the attendant. I was responsible for dealing with the situation, and the flight was planned to take-off in 1 one hour time. I had a very pleasant experience to have exceptional support from 24×7 service from ORSUD, and employee was so patient to support me until we had our employee getting his boarding pass.

ORSUD Team is really outstanding!“

Date de publication : 22/04/2022

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